Sandi Hefner

Sandi has been a passionate Vegan since 1994 after she learned the horrors of factory farming and laboratory testing. Sandi’s goal is to help stop animals suffering, fight for the underdog and spread veganism.

Sandi is a member of Vegan Outreach, Mercy For Animals and Animal Outlook. Continue reading “Sandi Hefner”

Andrea & Eric

Andrea Laurel & Eric Steinberg

Andrea came from an animal farming and foodservice background. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest, then Florida. In 2006 she became a firefighter in South Florida. Upon taking her swearing in vows to ‘Save Lives and Preserve Property’, the reality and practice of eating animals seemed more and more irrational. Eric was also a South Florida firefighter and became very motivated to go vegan after a heart incident in 2012. He greatly improved his cardiac risk by going WFPB. He is originally from New York with a background in Information Technology. Continue reading “Andrea Laurel & Eric Steinberg”