Sandi Hefner

Sandi has been a passionate Vegan since 1994 after she learned the horrors of factory farming and laboratory testing. Sandi’s goal is to help stop animals suffering, fight for the underdog and spread veganism.

Sandi is a member of Vegan Outreach, Mercy For Animals and Animal Outlook. Continue reading “Sandi Hefner”


John has been Vegan for 29 years and was vegetarian several years before. He has seen the horror of animal processing plants where both human and pet foods originate.  Working to spread the word of compassion he has helped lead many people to the conclusion that animal products are not good for people and the world.  John and his wife has rescued and sheltered many animals at their home. He supports outside organizations as a volunteer at animals sanctuaries and the Humane Society while also providing financial contributions. Continue reading “John”