Our Mission

Founded in 2005, The Asheville Vegan Society is a North Carolina 501(c)(3)non-profit corporation.
Our Purpose is to create a compassionate, enlightened community where veganism is the accepted and respected norm.
Our Vision is to be the go-to resource for vegan education, materials, community, and support in the Asheville area.
Our Mission is to promote the benefits of a vegan lifestyle through varied activities and community engagement.

We hold monthly potlucks, have meals out, host speakers and film screenings, enjoy various social events together, put out a vegan dining guide,provide education and support, administer the Veg Discount Card program, host a hugely wonderful ThanksLiving dinner each year,and have organized four Asheville VegFests in the past.You can find our events posted onĀ Meetup. All are welcome to join. We only ask people to honor all animals by ordering vegan food when dining with us,and bringing a vegan dish to share when attending potlucks.

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~To your health, to the animals, and to the planet~

The Asheville Vegan Society has organized four Asheville VegFests in the past. For 2019, we will support Asheville VeganFest by signing on as a sponsor. This festival will take place on Sunday, June 9, 2019 at Pack Square Park. Additionally, there will be an Education Day on June 8th. For details, visit their website.

Our Vegan Awareness Week is now our Vegan Awareness Series. We will sponsor or host various events throughout the year in order to spread awareness of the benefits of veganism. Our first event for 2019 was sponsorship of Eat to Live at the Jubilee church, by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. This event was very informative about the health benefits of a nutritarian diet.

Our second event for the year is the sponsorship of VeganFest. AVS will be present both days with a table full of helpful information to support everyone in their vegan journey.