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Sweet chicken, Asheville Vegan Society

Vegan for the Animals

Compassion is one of humanities biggest evolutionary traits. We have the ability to ignore our instincts and choose compassion and kindness anytime we want. Veganism isn’t just about not eating animals, but being the representation for so many difference species that have no voice. The quickest way to stop animal cruelty is not being involved with it. Let’s end animal slaughter together! 

Vegan for the Environment

Did you know cattle grazing is one of the leading causes of green house gas omissions in the world? Methane is the second largest contributor to these detrimental gases next to carbon dioxide. Both of these gases are produced by animals like cows. When thousands of acres of land are packed with cattle, the amount of gas put off in that area is huge. For the future of the world, these farms need to stop.

Vegan for the Human Rights

Veganism means equity and equality for all animals, including humans. Human social rights are important. Vegans without a voice to support racial equality, equal marriage opportunities or the right to live a happy life is useless without the right tools. We want to help empower those around us and help our community understand the importance of civil rights within veganism. Join our fight to make our home a more peaceful place to live, for us and the rest of the animals.

Vegan for Personal Health

Eating a well balanced diet is important. There are lots of things outside of our control when it comes to our health, like what’s passed down in our DNA or the environment around us. One thing we do have control over is how we eat. Whether it’s trying to loose weight or reduce your risk of heart disease, veganism has many benefits and good health can definitely be one!