Raw Pad Thai Noodle Matea Zajec Girl in the Raw

raw, gluten free, no sugar added, optionally soy free, low fat

Serves 2

Noodle Ingredients:
1 large or 2 small zucchinis
2 carrots
2 baby zucchinis
1 red bell pepper
2 celery sticks
6-7 cherry tomatoes

Peanut sauce:
3 large spoonfuls of peanut butter (or 1.5 cups of raw peanuts) 3 Tbsp of Soy sauce, Tamari, Liquid Aminos (or coconut aminos or if going for soy free)
2/3 cup milk of choice (I used Soy unsweetened original)
splash of lime
Toppings: Peanuts and Sesame seeds

Make zucchini and carrot noodles – using a mandoline slicer, peeler or your favorite method. Some health food stores, like Whole Foods Market, began carrying pre-made veggie noodles, so buying pre-made noodles is an option as well.

Cut the rest of your veggies in very small pieces – thinly sliced baby zucchini and red bell pepper, small celery slices, and half or quarter the cherry tomatoes.

Make the sauce by blending all the ingredients in a high speed blender, adjusting the liquids if necessary. I like mine relatively thick but still liquid enough to cover all the noodles evenly.

Place the noodles in a large bowl, add your veggies, and fold in the sauce. Add your toppings, and feel free to get creative.

Serve your noodles with side of delicious organic greens – sweet lettuce, spinach and arugula, as well as a slice of avocado. These are very versatile, as they serve as a side dish, main dish, or a salad.

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